Why is Italian Wine More Interesting than French or Spanish?

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There are millions of wine lovers in the world who would say with conviction that France is the undisputed leader in wine making. Then there are millions who acknowledge the growing popularity of Italian wine. It is true that French wine was far superior to Italian wine but that was until a few decades back. In the last thirty to forty years, the quality of produce and especially the variants from Italy have outshone those from France. Does that make the Italian brethren better or just more interesting?

There are many more variants of Italian wine than French wine. Almost everyone who is aware of this tussle for supremacy will tell you that Italian wine is more interesting as you get to choose from literally hundreds of types. There are only a few awesome French variants. The others are more or less ordinary. There are many wines from Italy that are not even remotely as great as the best ones produced in France. But there are also more options in the Italian section. One reason for this is the sheer variety of grapes. Italy is known to have more than two thousand types of grapes growing on its soil. France does not get anywhere close. Naturally, you will have many kinds of wine from Italy and this is something the French cannot help or alter.

Italy also has a much better climate for the growth of various types of grapes. The French country is ideal for certain variants of grapes but Italy has a more moderate climate. The topographical variance of Italy also makes it possible to have distinct wine growing regions, wherein two do not specialise in the same type of wine. The spectrum of choices is definitely more interesting for Italian wine compared to French wine. Then comes Spanish wine and a distant fourth is the United States.

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