How to Store White Wine

White wine should be stored in a dark and cool place. The place may be damp. High humidity is actually good for white wine. You do not want the cork to turn dry. A dry cork will shrink and let air in. This will lead to deterioration of the wine, to an extent of being ruined. Wine can go bad if the cork is extremely dry and oxidation has occurred for several days.

The safe range of temperature is forty five degrees to sixty five degrees Fahrenheit or seven to eighteen degrees Celsius. You should consider storing white wine in a normal place and not a fridge. Refrigerators usually attain temperatures lower than forty degrees Fahrenheit or six degrees Celsius. Whites do not need such a cold setting. You may choose your basement if you have one. If there is a subterranean wall, then you can align the wines against it. Such a space will be much cooler than the floors above. You may keep whites in a cabinet under the staircase, especially if it is an enclosed space. It will be dark and cool. You may also use a wine fridge. A wine fridge does not attain as cold temperatures as normal refrigerators. You will get the optimum environment inside a wine fridge.

It goes without saying that you should keep your whites away from sunlight. You should not stack them up against any exterior wall. These walls will get exposed to direct sunlight and the space will get warmer during the day. You may not realise the subtle difference but wine will react to fluctuating temperatures. This is also why you must not keep your whites in the kitchen. Many people have the wine cabinet in the kitchen. This is not the best way to store either whites or reds and definitely not sparkling varieties.

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