How to Store Prosecco

Prosecco must be stored in a cool place. It should not be exposed to direct or indirect sunlight. It must not be exposed to heat. The temperature should not fluctuate in the place. Therefore, many people refrigerate the sparkling wine. Refrigeration is not ideal because the best temperature range is ten to fifteen degrees Celsius. Regular refrigerators attain a temperature much cooler than that and we are not talking about freezers that effectively go sub-zero.

Prosecco should be placed upright. It must not be placed sideways. The cork does not have to be in contact with the wine. The corks do not get dry as the sparkling variant has more humidity than the likes of champagne or usual white wines. You can use a wine fridge that will have the optimum temperature of ten to fifteen degrees. You may use a cabinet in a cool space. You can of course use your basement but not against a wall that has its exterior exposed to direct or indirect sunlight. Do not keep Prosecco in your kitchen. The temperature for storage does not have to be exact. However, you must avoid exposing the bottle to room temperature and preventing freezing. The ideal temperature will also change a bit depending on the type of Prosecco you have.

Prosecco should not be stored for long. All varieties of this sparkling wine are best within the first twelve months. They remain good for up to two years, but it is not ideal to go that far. When you buy a bottle or a few, you should plan to consume them in a few days, at the most weeks. Do not store the bottles for months – this variety tastes best when it is young. The fruity flavour works perfectly when the wine is fresh.

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